Monday, February 27, 2006

Beyond the Beginning

(reposted - seems a comment caused a penalty from google...)
It seems scientists have been trying to establish the beginning of the universe for many years, at although there are many theorys, it seems the big bang is the most widely accepted. Basically this is explained by a 'quantum' explosion expanding outwards gradually cooling and creating our universe. Depending on the amount of matter in the universe, this will either keep expanding forever, if omega = 0 (in other words if there isn't enough matter to reverse the outward force, a little like the gravitational pull of a very small planet that isn't big enough to keep things on it) or it will collapse back in on itself if there is enough matter in the universe, a little like jumping on the moon, its just about enough matter to pull you back down again.)Now when read in a science book this sounds all very sensible and explanatory, but unfortunately it is all based on the one 'quantum' event, as as we have discovered before, the quantum realm is completely baffling to even the greatest modern minds. To base the whole creation of the universe on a 'quantum' event, meaning ' by a random quantum fluctuation, it just 'sprang' into existence? Seems a bit of a cop out. Obviously this gets into a very difficult conversation as its almost impossible for our human senses to imagine the world as it really is. In other words, a world where time and space are entertwined and everthing is just a different form of energy. The question has to be asked, well what happened before the big bang? and 'well, whats outside of our expanding universe?' Well to answer these questions simply, there is no 'outside' of our universe as we imagine it, as a sphere expanding within empty space, like a ballon being blown up in a room. It is infact all entwined, every direction will end up back at the start, a little like a human believing the earth is flat, but when setting off in one direction he arrives back at the start. This is due to other dimensions that unfortunately we cannot comprehend. There could however, be other dimensions that exist 'outside of what we percieve as the universe' not outside in space, but in dimension. Many leading scientists believe that there are as many as eleven or more extra dimensions existing alongside the 4 we are aware of.I'm going off track now though, and didn't wish to go too far into dimensions just yet. So let me get back on point. What we know for certain is that the universe exists. However it began, (time is rather a human invention anyway) we at least know it exists. The simple fact that it exists, to me implies purpose. If there was no existence, it would be perfect. So the fact that there is an incredible, complicated, syncronised existence implies that it has been created! There is no other explanation. A cosmic accident just doesn't suffice, what I am talking about and so many miss is existence itself. Sure we can argue about the creation of the universe, animals, life etc, but existence implies purpose. I cannot stress that enough. 'Nothing' is perfect, 'Something' is structured and has to be intelligent. Simple. Even Einsteins famous quote rings true "I cannot believe God played dice with the universe" He couldn't believe the complex incredibility of the universe could be an accident. Let alone Existence itself! Although his notion of God may not be correct, at least he was on the right track.OK, enough of that, I just want to bring your thoughts back to the very beginning, because to ponder a problem halfway through the equation is going to lead to the wrong outcomes. So think of the nature of existence and we can safely say we have thought about everything from the absolute beginning! Existence itself! existence = purpose