Monday, February 07, 2005

Spooky action at a distance.

OK, so its Monday night and I'm going to get the principles of quantum mechanics out of the way. Now normally the thought of science and physics puts off the average truth seeker from reading any further. Well, I'm no scientist and I havn't got books and papers all laid around me to help me explain this, so I'll do it in the most easy to understand and layman terms I can (apologies to those whose thirst is greater, I will go further into this at later dates).
The defining principle as I see it to quantum physics is this: Nothing physically exists on the quantum level. By this I mean that when things are broken down to the smallest composite particles that make up the whole, we find they behave differently. They cease to exist as physical objects and begin to behave as 'waves' of probablility. In other words, everything that we know, when broken into small parts doesn't actually exist and knobody actually knows why or how this happens. This statement on its own takes science into the realm of the occult. Don't be fooled into thinking that because it is scientists that investigate this phenonimon it suddenly becomes scientific in its explanation.
So how exactly is this the case? Well, the simplest experiment that any book on quantum physics will explain, is this. Imagine a peice of cardboard with two slits in it. On one side is a light bulb. On the other is a photosensitive screen that the light through the slits shines on. (some of you may have done this experiment at school to explain the nature of light) Now when the light bulb is on, rather than two spots on the screen (one for each slit) you get a pattern of dark and light stripes, as the light from each slit interferes with each other. like the ripple from two stones thrown into a lake hitting each other. Now with the brightness turned down so low that only one photon (light particle) comes out at a time, the experiment is repeated. Common sense expects that as only one particle at a time is leaving the lightbulb, it can only go through one slit or the other. (we have replaced the screen on the other side with a photosensitive plate that records where each photon hits.) Suprisingly as the amount of photons hitting the screen mounts up an interference (dark and light) pattern is still formed? Bizarre, but it gets stranger. As the photon can only go through one of the slits at a time (you would think?) we can add a sensor that tells us which slit the photon goes through. By only adding the observation to the slits, the outcome is again different. Now the interference pattern does not show, but instead two lighted areas are built up on the screen with no interference.
Phew, thats long winded and the science bit out of the way. That experiment (although slightly more complicated that my example) has been repeated many times and is factual in its evidence. The experts tell us that what actually happens is the photons (or electrons, or other small particles this experiment has used) actually disappear, become 'probability waves' and then reappear on the screen when we are awaiting the result. BUT, the action of observing actually forces the photon to exist all the way, as if it knows we are watching. Now I could go on and on about how this could mean these quantum particles must have intelligence, or that the travel back through time once we observe to creat the obsevable journey and so on. The bottom line is knobody knows. There are many instances of these strage phenomina in the scientific world. Some quantuim actions create particles that seem to communite instantly over time and space creating what Einstein called 'Spooky action at a distance' and baffled him until the day he died.
Its a long one tonight, but go away knowing this. The particles that make everything we know, you, me, the computer your looking at - all these things don't exist at the quantum level. They are just waves of probability. Why they at some point 'solidify' into matter - knobody knows. So just how real is our universe, and how much of a part do we play in creating reality?
Goodnight, I'll promise to make the next post something a bit more interesting for those occultists out there.


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Phew....I am going to lie down for half an hour on the bed that really doesn't exist in the room that isn't actually real. (Joke). Interesting read for an unversed non-occultist.

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