Saturday, February 05, 2005

The open mind..

I'm going to begin this meandering with a brief description of something true and accountable, but something that may help the sceptical reader to open (or at least loosen) their mind. I'm no new age fancier who believes in tangible fairy's and keeps a tarot pack under their pillow to "harness the energy" or any of that rubbish, I like to have a certain amount of evidence, personal experience or at least a 'sensible' reason other than wishful thinking to believe in something. As I think we all should have.
The human mind is a much more powerful entity than we believe. To expand on this, let me give you an example. Multiple personality disorder. In a multiple personality patient, as I'm sure your aware, the person has several (usually six or seven I believe) different personalities. These personalities can actually have distinctly different brain wave patterns. Strange enough, but imagine one personality is allergic to nuts. If they eat a peanut they swell up, get a rash, their throat closes up, or whatever physical reaction a nut allergy brings about. Now another personality comes to the forefront, this personality isn't allergic to nuts. They eat a whole load of peanuts and nothing bad happens attall. Another personality pops up, drinks eight pints of fosters and is drunk. The next one pops in and is sober as a judge. Now I'm not saying this is common, or all the above happen in one person. But these are facts about medical cases of split personality patients. Now to me that sounds impossible, but it happens.
The point of this is just to demonstrate how reality can sometimes be bizarre, everything we know about it may, just may, be illusiory. I'm going to ramble on over the course of time about some theories and ideas that are a lot stranger than this, so I thought it a good place to start. Perhaps some brain food for your day. Goodnight.


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I have just touched on how mind can control the body (in normal people) with a real example in my "Positive thinking" blog. I am not fully convinced if it could be as far as your multiple personality patient though. Will be interesting when you expand.

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